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The Easy Way to Learn Touch Typing

Genuine touch typing is the ability to enter text without watching your fingers. Touch typing makes a fantastic difference in the ease and accuracy of writing on a computer.
Touch typing takes practice. While not technically a shortcut, there is an easier way to learn touch typing. If you are new to typing, draw a map of the keyboard, and set it to your left. Never look at he actual keyboard or your fingers. Instead, look at the map when necessary to find keys. You can find your home positions by feeling the keys for bumps that are on the [F] and the [J] keys, and placing your index fingers on those bumps. After you have learned where all the keys are, you can place pages of text on your left, and type what you see on the paper. Remember, never look at the keys or your fingers.
This will be hard at first, but the trick to learning touch typing as quickly as possible is to keep your eyes only on the text you are copying.

If you are writing from

scratch, watch the screen. You’ll see immediately when you make mistakes. When you do make a mistake, again, never even glance at the keys. Fix your mistake and proceed. You’ll learn where the [Backspace] key is very soon!


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