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Sun Valley Serenade

This full movie is cued up to start at the musical and dance entertainment portion. You can rewind to the beginning to see the full movie if you wish. This is a level of entertainment that is probably not possible today.

The orchestra was led by Benny Goodman who was as big as the Beatles in his day – about 25 years before the Beatles. Benny’s instrument was the clarinet, something that’s been nearly entirely missing from the mainstream music scene for at least fifty years.

Sun Valley Serenade was recorded in Sun Valley, Idaho. The venue still exists to this day. Your author and his wife had the pleasure of staying in the Sun Valley Lodge 20 or so years ago where we met ice skating legends Scotty Hamilton, Katarina Witt, Oksana Baiul, and others in person. The room the orchestra played in looks the same to this day.

Skating stars tend to vacation in Sun Valley and neighboring Ketchum, Idaho in the summers during their off season. Many of them practice in the two skating rinks and some participate in public shows on Friday or Saturday nights. Sun Vally has a year-round outdoor ice rink, one of the few, and perhaps the only year-round outdoor rink in the world. To keep the ice frozen, they have four Diesel-powered refrigerators each as big as a full-size cargo container.

I believe you’ll agree with me that the dance sequence is one of the best ever. It is performed by the Nicholas Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge. The brothers were born in 1914 and 1921 to a pianist mother and drummer father.

The Nicholas Brothers, Harold and Fayard, who lived to the age of 92, later taught master tap dance classes as teachers-in-residence at Harvard University and Radcliffe College. Janet Jackson and her brother Michael studied under the Nicholas brothers.

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The World’s Best Teacher

This teacher is Ron Clark. He was born in 1972 in Chocowinity, North Carolina where he was asked to fill in for an elementary school teacher who had passed away. Becoming an educator was not his original plan. Once he got a taste of changing kids’ lives, he decided that teaching in Harlem, New York might be a great challenge where his burgeoning skill might be more useful. He has since moved on to start his own academy in Atlanta, Georgia where he teachers children, but also teaches teachers on better techniques of educating. He has trained 108,000 teachers as of today (February 10, 2024). He has also become a television personality and has authored four books, at least one of which has reached the New York Times Bestseller list.

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Fred Astaire Biography

Fred Astaire’s birth name was Frederick Austerlitz. He lived to the age of 88, continuing to perform up to 82 years old. Fred was born in 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was more than just a dancer, also being highly skilled in singing and acting as well as playing clarinet, accordion and piano.

Not being happy with Omaha, Fred’s mother hoped he, and his older sister Adele might take up vaudeville performing so she could move to some place more interesting to her, such as New York City. Adele enjoyed her dance lessons, but Fred was simply not interested – at first.

Around 1933, Fred was hoping to break into movies. After an early screen test, a casting director reported, “Can’t sing. Can’t act. Balding. Can dance a little.”

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Dance Like Octopus

This dance is executed by Kazuho Monster who says he wants to be the best dancer in the world. Has he already achieved that? You be the judge. You’ll find more dance videos on his channel:

Many of Kazuho’s moves are evolved from breakdancing, which originated in New York City in the early 1970s. Here’s an article with more detail about breakdancing:

People who perform breakdancing are called b-boys, b-girls, breakdancers, or breakers.

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This Drummer is at the Wrong Gig

What’s in a name?

Someone posted this video of the incredibly skilled Steve Moore at the drums under a different title. For two years the video just sat there with very few visitors. Then the video was relabeled, “This Drummer is at the Wrong Gig.” Suddenly the video went viral. As of today, it has been seen 53 million times.

Do you have a product or service that’s not getting the attention it should? Whether on Craigslist, social media, or YouTube, you might simply renaming it and see what happens.

I set this video to start 60 seconds in. That’s where Steve really starts cutting loose. If you were to see it from the beginning, you might not know what’s about to happen and quit before you see Steve’s magic.

There’s more about Steve Moore, especially as the tactical move of renaming the video relates to business at General Business Action Pack.

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10 Strange Facts About Music

Music can significantly reduce pain and anxiety, leading to its use in various therapeutic settings.

The world’s longest concert lasted for 639 years. It began in 1349 and is still ongoing in the St. Burchardi Church in Germany.

The famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was deaf, yet he continued to create extraordinary music.

Listening to upbeat music can improve your physical performance and make exercise feel easier.

The shortest recorded song is “You Suffer” by the British grindcore band Napalm Death, which lasts only 1.316 seconds. See it on YouTube

Playing a musical instrument can improve cognitive skills, memory, and attention span.

The oldest known musical instrument is a flute made from a vulture’s wing bone, dating back around 43,000 years.

Some people experience a phenomenon called “earworm,” where a catchy song gets stuck in their head and plays on repeat.

The brain of a musician is structurally different from that of a non-musician, particularly in areas related to motor skills and auditory processing.

In the 1500s, it was common for wealthy families to hire composers to write music specifically for their pet birds.

The world’s largest playable guitar measures over 43 feet in length and weighs more than 2,000 pounds.

The term “Rock ‘n’ Roll” was originally a euphemism for sex in African-American blues songs.

The word “piano” is an abbreviation of its original name, “pianoforte,” which means “soft-loud” in Italian.

Music with a strong beat can make you feel more confident and powerful.

Researchers have found that cows produce more milk when they listen to relaxing music.

The world’s largest music festival, Rock in Rio, has attracted over 1.5 million attendees for a single event.

The famous composer Mozart wrote his first symphony at the age of eight. They say he had perfect pitch from the age of two. Perfect pitch can be identified when someone hear a note and can tell you what it is.

The Guinness World Record for the most people playing the same song on electric guitars simultaneously is 7,273.

In 1989, the world’s first internet-delivered live concert took place, featuring The Rolling Stones.

Playing a musical instrument can delay the onset of age-related hearing loss.

The melody for the iconic “Star Wars” theme was composed by John Williams in just a few hours.

The “Brown Note” is a hypothetical sound frequency that, if played at a high volume, could cause people to lose control of their bowels.

The guitar legend Jimi Hendrix was left-handed but played a right-handed guitar flipped upside down.

The “devil’s interval” or “diabolus in musica” is a musical interval known for its dissonance and was once considered evil by the Catholic Church.

The song “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple is famous for its simple guitar riff, which many beginners learn to play.

The world’s oldest known song, called the “Hurrian Hymn No. 6,” is over 3,400 years old.

In the 1980s, psychologist Alfred A. Tomatis claimed that listening to the music of Mozart could increase IQ scores temporarily.

Music can evoke strong emotions and memories due to its ability to activate the brain’s limbic system, which is associated with emotions and memory.

The world’s most outrageous musical instrument was made in France during 1450. A long row of spikes was connected to a keyboard. Under each spike was a pig, arranged according to the pitch of its oink.

World's most outrageous musical instrument