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Selling Papayas on Hawaii

Because Jared lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, he had few options for earning a living. He found an orchard that would sell him a pickup truck full of too-ripe papayas for $25. He figured most of these were still quite edible, and so he could sell them to tourists near the hotels. He bought a load, made a sign and parked his truck. The first day, he made $100 or so, and he was delighted with his new business idea. The second day, all the papayas were becoming too ripe and he only made $50. The third day, it was obvious he couldn’t sell any more papayas, even though his truck was still almost entirely full. He tried to bury them in his yard, but after an hour of digging, he had only a small hole. He took them to the dump, but they were not accepting truckloads of produce. They rotted in the back of his truck. Because of the stench, the truck was no longer drivable. I don’t know how the story ended, but I’m sure Jared’s truck was never completely clean and stink-free again.

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