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How To Train Your Cat To Use a Human Toilet

How To Train Your Cat To Use a Human Toilet

You’ve probably heard of cats that use the toilet just like their people do. How do people train their cats to use a toilet? Some people will give you complex instructions involving special equipment. It is actually quite easy as long as you are patient, and requires nothing special. Follow these seven steps:Step 1: Move the litter pan into the bathroom.

Step 2: Move the litter pan closer and closer to the toilet, until it is right next to it.

Step 3: Raise the litter pan higher and higher on books or bricks until it is level with the toilet seat.

Step 4: Move the litter pan on top of the toilet seat.

Step 5: Replace the litter pan with a sheet of plastic taped to the toilet seat. Cover the middle of the plastic with kitty litter.

Step 6: Retape plastic onto the seat such that it sags lower and lower into the bowl.

Step 7: Remove the plastic.

Of course, all these steps should be done gradually, getting your cat completely comfortable with each new situation before progressing to the next. It helps if you have two or more bathrooms in your house!

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