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Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley was born as Christie Lee Hudson in 1954 in Monroe, Michigan. Her parents were married for 50 years. Christie, however, has been married and divorced four times – so far. Her most notable husband, with whom she had one of her three children, was singer Billy Joel. Christie has been a vegetarian since age 13. She is a supporter of animal rights and opposes nuclear power. She is a big supporter of the Democratic Party.

Christie is also supporter of the unusual equestrian sport of cutting. In this sport a rider on a horse has 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) to separate as many cattle from a herd as possible.

In 1994, Christie Brinkley nearly died in a helicopter. She, Ricky Taubman, a man who would later become her husband, and several friends had been heli-skiing. The helicopter suddenly lurched and fell to the snow-covered ground. No one knows why. The party spent several hours on the top of a very cold mountain before they could be rescued. She sustained only a sprained wrist. Some of the passengers had more severe injuries, but all recovered.


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