Do You Live Near a Crematorium?

Do you live near a crematorium? You might want to move. A very tiny amount of mercury vapor in the air in your neighborhood can cause permanent damage to your nervous system. As it turns out, when you burn dead people, the nearly inert mercury mixed into the fillings in their teeth vaporizes into toxic vapor. One scientist in England figured that a busy crematorium can put as much as 24 pounds (11 kg) of mercury into the air every year.

Golders Green Crematorium, London, England, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Getting Past the FDA

It costs an average of $231 million to follow all the procedures necessary to have a drug approved by the US FDA. It also averages 12 years from start to finish.

The FDA has to approve all drugs that enter the market, but experimental surgical techniques are allowed without testing. Anyone with a medical license can perform surgical experiments.



You know about liposuction, the surgical technique to remove fat. Now, one doctor is using no general anesthesia. Instead, he has an acupuncturist insert many fine needles into his patients, then he removes their fat painlessly. Sometimes this is done with the patient standing to check the effects of gravity on the fat. Want to see a similar procedure in action? Graphic video.