Your Own Online Store

Your Own Complete Turnkey Online Store for $849

Maybe it’s time to join the thousands of people earning a living by selling things online. There’s no need to pay huge commissions to Ebay. No need to conform to Amazon’s crazy rules (and huge commissions). No need to figure out everything yourself.

Our engineer, Stephen, has come up with a way to create a beautiful and complete WordPress online store for you including domain name, SSL, SEO and a year of hosting for $849.

This is turnkey and will include up to six of your products. You don’t have to do a thing.

If you have more than six items, part of the deal is Stephen will show you how to edit, add, and remove your own products. Or, if you’d rather, he will edit and maintain your store for a reasonable price.

We are entirely US-based, so there’ll be no problem with communication, and unless Stephen is swamped when you contact us, your store can be done within a week.

Take a look at the pictures above. Isn’t that a great-looking store? Need different colors, different layout, maybe even extreme customization? No problem. He has built over 150 websites. His online stores have no bugs, Everything works smoothly and flawlessly.

Questions? Ready to get your store? Contact Jeff of, (805) 843-5353 or

Need something else? There are US-based experts in our group to handle all your website, SEO, graphic arts, technical writing, social media marketing, and app development needs.