WordPress Trouble

There has been a tremendous increase in hacked websites ever since millions of people stayed home due to Covid-19. Evidently, some people had nothing better to do than create bots, bits of automated software, that jump from link to link throughout the Internet, looking for sites where they can inject malware.

A hacked website can be very problematic, since the malware often infects literally hundreds of your website’s PHP files, and sometimes the WordPress database also. Your hosting company, search engines, and security companies such as McAfee and Sucuri may blacklist your website, which is difficult and time consuming to overcome.

The 66,000 themes and plugins for WordPress are constantly being updated by their authors to patch security vulnerabilities as they are discovered. It is important to install these updates as they are created.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then making sure your website is properly backed up and installing the updates takes only a few minutes most of the time. If you’d rather, I’ll be glad to take care of your WordPress updates for you. Here are the specifics:

1. I charge $90/hour with one-minute granularity. The typical update takes 2 – 3 minutes ($3 – $4.50). For the typical website, updates happen about six times a month, so the typical monthly cost is $18 – $24.

2. I start by adding a well-regarded free security plugin called WordFence that will email me whenever your website needs attention. This installation takes less than 10 minutes.

3. I also like to make sure your website is being properly backed up. That takes anywhere from one minute to 15 minutes. If there’s nothing solid in place, I can install another great plugin, UpdraftPlus, that is one of the best backup systems to keep your website safe.

4. Every now and then one plugin will conflict with another, or a theme or plugin update will have a big bug. I can handle this for you, but it will take more time. Should this occur, I’ll stay in contact with you, letting you know the cost. Most of the time, it’s a simple matter of turning off the offending plugin or restoring from a backup.

5. Despite my best efforts, and my knowledge, having built websites since 1995, and software from 1989, it’s possible a virus could still get past me or a conflict could be quite difficult to sort out. So, while I’ll always give you my best effort, I do not offer any guarantees.

6. I start with a $75 deposit request, then bill in additional $75 increments each time the amount in your account is nearly used up.