What’s Wrong With Your Website?

If your website is like most, it doesn’t get enough visitors. Those who get through may not buy your products, contact you, or take your action step.

Having built and publicized websites since 1995, I’ve learned exactly what to do to change all that and I’ll show my techniques to you. Many of these techniques are quick and easy to implement. Most don’t cost any money. Some are tremendously effective. For instance, my most successful client went from 3 visitors a month, one of which was her mother, to over 14,000 per day. You may not have success on that level, but if you implement just some of the things I’m going to present, you’ll do great.

All you need to do is buy access for $30. Take your choice of just a few of these techniques and you’ll get back many, many times that $30 investment. Access is good for one month, more than enough time to digest the information I’ll provide. Once you’ve got access, just pick the things you’d like to do, give them a try, and don’t be surprised if you have great results.

Some of these techniques are things you or your webmaster can do directly to your website. Others work outside your website through social media and elsewhere. Have fun & prosper!