More Visitors For Your Website

If you’re like many people, you’ve spent a lot of time or money on your website, and you get three or four visitors a month, one of which is your mother.

Since late 2018 I’ve been bringing more visitors to websites in a way that can greatly outperform SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ll be happy to do it for you, too.

This is like ordinary social media marketing, but with a few quirky twists that make a huge difference.

I post concurrently to five venues, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

I use catchall accounts, with all the posts carrying links to your website. This works better than dedicated accounts because the messages are coming from an outside source. Plus, you can continue building your own online branding if you wish.

Sometimes, the posts are just standard, letting people know about your product or service. But more often they’re cute, interesting, unique or positively eccentric. This can cause posts to go viral, hopefully bringing zillions of targeted visitors to your website. Even the ones that don’t go super-viral are quality backlinks, raising your website in search engine results.

I don’t allow editing. I found that when my clients want modified posts, the effectiveness is usually reduced. I go in my own direction, but always respecting your brand, of course, and it works!

This isn’t for everyone. If you have a nit-picky personality, it might not be for you.

I charge just $30 per post. You get to choose the frequency of posting, from one per week to ten per day. (You can’t spam social media.) Of course the more posts, the sooner you’ll have greater success.

There’s no long-term contract. My hope is that you’ll stick with it long enough to have a great breakthrough, but I’m not going to force you into a commitment.

I guarantee nothing. Every post won’t be amazing. For every product and service, it’s an experiment, but a low-cost one that could yield little of significance, or become absolutely spectacular. It seems to work particularly well for business opportunities, charitable causes, services such as psychology and consultancy, and unique gadgets or inventions.

See Samples

You may want to contact me soon, since I’m guessing my schedule will fill quickly.

To get started, just give me a call, text me, or drop me an email.


Jeff Napier

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(805) 843-5353

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Phone Jeff:

(805) 843-5353

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