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There’s No Need to Be Delayed or Frustrated When Working On Your Website

Call me, Jeff Napier, whenever you’re having a problem with HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL, SEO, WordPress, or other web technologies. I charge $1/minute, with no minimum. The average call runs 18 minutes ($18). If you come up with something I can’t solve, the call is free.

As a software engineer in web development since 1995, I can field your questions from tricky WordPress customization, to bringing more visitors to your site. For instance, I can guide you through best SEO practices. Better than that, I can show you other ways to bring visitors without spending a penny on advertising or depending on search engines.

When it comes to technical problems, whether you are building your own website, or are a professional webmaster, there is no longer any reason to waste time or become frustrated. Just call me.

Sometimes a few minutes on the phone is all that’s required. For many calls, we can work together with screen sharing. For those who are less interested in hands-on help, I can also take over, making the changes you’d like.

Most of the time, you’ll get through to me right away. If I’m unavailable, I’ll get back to you at the next opportunity. I’m generally available regular weekday and weekend day times.

I charge $60/hour, with one-minute granularity, and no minimum. The typical repair takes 40 minutes ($40). My smallest invoice was $3.

Call (805) 843-5353

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