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The Insidious Dog Collar

Most dog owners don’t realize the harm a dog collar can cause. Veterinarians have reported dogs with tracheal collapse in varying degrees up to death, permanent pain injuries due to spinal problems, epilepsy, and even broken teeth and legs, all from dog collars.

You might be wondering how legs can be broken. It turns out a dog scratching an itch can get a leg stuck under the collar. In their ever-more frantic attempts to get free they end up breaking their own leg.

So what can you do?

1. Replace the collar with a harness, as shown above.

2. Don’t yank your dog’s leash as a training technique or punishment. Evidently a training coach at a Petco store accidentally killed one of his students by doing this.

3. Make sure the harness fits correctly. You should be able to slip a thumb under the harness, but not your whole hand.

4. If your dog stays in at night, remove the harness for the dog’s comfort and health.

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