Rain Forest Destruction

We are destroying the world’s rain forests at the rate of 100 acres per minute. An acre is a square 208 feet on a side. Forty percent of the rain forests are already gone. Many folks don’t realize exactly why the forests are being wasted. One big reason is hamburgers. It is profitable to raise cattle where rain forests once were. If we could all eat less beef, there would be less reason to remove the trees.

Not only is much rain forest being cleared for beef production, but also for the growing of cocoa from which cocaine is made. People who have a cocaine habit might decide that helping save the world’s ecology and weather may be a good reason to quit.

There’s more money to be had from intact rain forests in the harvesting of fruit, rubber and other natural products, than what can be made from tearing the forest down and ranching on the same land.

Not only are the tropical rain forests being killed. Also forests in Siberia are being forever ruined at the rate of 19 acres per minute, twenty-four hours per day due to clear cutting. This is the only home of Siberian Tigers and other unique forms of life.


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