Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Enjoy this very explicit memoir.

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Shortly after she turned 18, my daughter, Cheri, came to me with a concern that brought tears to my eyes.

Along with her father and brother, our family has always had a trusting and loving relationship. So, it was easy for her to bring up concerns, even things of a sexual nature.

A week ago, she casually reported at dinner that she was no longer a virgin. Her father almost chocked, then smiled. We waited for more details, but we sort of knew.

Cheri had been in love with a young guy named Keith since 10th grade. Last week, after considerable discussion and planning, they had their first sex.

My husband asked whether she used protection.

In a slightly annoyed voice, she said, “Of course, Dad.”

Meanwhile, her brother just sat there and smiled.

That was the end of the discussion, until yesterday. Her father was away setting up another franchise. Her brother was back in college. So that left only Cheri and I in the house.

We were just talking about this and that, when suddenly, she said, “Mom, I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm.”

My first thought was a bit cynical. I was thinking, ‘If you don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm, you haven’t.’ A person would know.

My next thought is when tears came to my eyes. My poor girl has never had an orgasm. She should have been enjoying them since twelve or thirteen years old.

You know how you feel as a parent when your child comes home with a D in math? Like, you failed as a parent, right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about my Cheri not having enjoyed orgasms all this time.

We started discussing the details. I felt honored that she’d share such deep information with me. At one point, she said the word “fuck,” and hesitated looking at me, expecting some sort of reproach. I said it was totally OK to use ‘ordinary’ language with me. I told her I wasn’t a prude, and insinuated that I had my own rather wild adventures at her age.

Evidently, with Keith, she felt very fulfilled when he put a penis in her for the first time in her life. She said there was no pain, so I guess her hymen was broken. This whole thing about virgin girls – geez. Very few virgins actually have hymen issues, right? But she didn’t orgasm, either. He did. Almost right away.

I asked whether he masturbated her or licked her afterward, but being a young male, he didn’t even recognize that she may have an unfulfilled need.

Cheri summarized by letting me know that she enjoyed the feeling of a dick forcing her vaginal canal open, but that was it. It sounded more sensual than sexual to me.

I explained that most women do not have orgasms from vaginal sex. I went on to say that an experienced boyfriend would have done something specially for her afterward.

“So you mean, that if a girl is licked or her clit is rubbed, she is likely to have an orgasm?”

“Well, yes, usually. However there are some women, even some older than me, who have never orgasmed. I doubt you are one of those, however. You just haven’t had the right experiences yet.”

I asked her whether she had ever tried masturbating.

She told me that she had a couple of times around age 13. One time, she felt something like chills throughout her body, and springs in her belly, and it scared her, so she stopped.

Of course I responded by telling her that was the early stages of pre-orgasm, and that if she had continued, it might have been very nice.

We talked a bit more, with me letting her know I still masturbate quite often, especially when her father is out of town. I went on, “In fact, I miss him, and I’m horny now. This discussion has had an effect on me.”

“So, you’d masturbate now, if you could?”

“Frankly, if you weren’t here Cheri, I’d be frigging myself silly.”

“Oh, interesting.”

We both got quiet, lost in thought.

She interrupted my crazy horny thoughts that were loosely formed around the fantasy of masturbating with my own daughter. “Do you suppose you could teach me how to orgasm?”

The moment she asked, she blushed, and I think I detected a shiver, too.

I wanted to let her down gently. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“OK, I guess… But why?”

“Well…” I opened and closed my mouth like three times. Then, after thinking it through I said, “Well, it wouldn’t be like a sexual thing. It would just be a mother instructing her daughter in a facet of grown-up life, right?”

Not sexual. Yeah, right! So why was I shaking and having trouble controlling my voice?

“You know Mom, I’d really like to experience this orgasm thing.”

I was too far gone to think clearly. I instructed to take off all her clothes and lay on my bed. I turned the thermostat up, and took off my own clothes.

I was proud of her tits. This was the first time I had seen them. The last time I saw my daughter’s upper body, she didn’t have anything. They weren’t overly small or large, and rather perky. My own, at age 43, had started to sag a bit, and I was somewhat embarrassed about that. I kind of didn’t want her to see my breasts. But I had become so horny, it really didn’t matter. And, oddly, I kind of did want her to see my tits.

I had no idea how I was going to proceed. The one thing I did know to do is that I told her she might not have an orgasm today. That she could just enjoy what happens, and if she has an orgasm, fine, but if not, it would surely happen on another day. That way, she’d have no pressure keeping it from happening.

I had her lay back on my bed. Knowing what her father does to me sometimes, I started with a general massage that lasted maybe ten minutes. When it came to massage her boobs, I didn’t hold back. To start developing the mood, I brushed my fingertips ever so lightly over her nipples several times in a row. I saw that they became like hard little pencil erasers. She expressed some sounds of appreciation, and “That’s nice, Mom.”

Looking at her cunt, I was somehow amazed how much like my own it looked. Only her hair was brown, like her father, whereas mine’s black. The last time I saw my daughter’s puss was before she learned to dress herself, maybe around age 5. Somehow, I was expecting it to look the same.

Starting as lightly as I possibly could, I ran a fingertip over the hair right over her slit. I know that always gives me chills. It seemed to have the same effect on her.

“Oh Mom, that feels so nice!”

Her inner labia started to widen and become wet. That was a very good sign. In fact, I couldn’t believe that my daughter hadn’t ever had an orgasm. Her responses up to now were perfect.

I grabbed her inner labia between the thumbs and first fingers of each hand. Her inner labia were slightly long, just like mine. I let them slip out of my grip, over and over again, just like her dad has done to me so many times.

“Oh Mom, that’s… just great!”

I finally got down to rubbing little circles directly on her clit. I thought that might bring on an orgasm, but actually, she settled down a bit, as if it was less erotic than what I had been doing before with the labia pulling.

It was time to bring out the big guns. I got down on the bed on my belly, between her legs. I pushed her legs up so her knees were in the air. I crawled forward, and tentatively licked her clit. She was shuddering. Come to think of it, so was I.

After five minutes of licking, which Cheri was clearly enjoying, she still hadn’t orgasmed. I wasn’t worried. I had one more trick up my sleeves.

Noticing how much liquid her pussy was exuding, I coated the forefinger of my right hand with her girl juice. Bringing it to her asshole, which was fairly easy to reach since her knees were up, I rubbed it gently around her asshole, while continuing to lick her clit. Meanwhile, I felt my own cunt against the bed, and almost involuntarily started sliding slightly up and down, not bringing an orgasm, but generating chills from my head to my toes.

She was breathing heavily, and just sort of moaning.

I ever so slowly introduced my fingertip directly into her anus. I was only in maybe a half-inch, and bang, it happened.

Cheri screamed, “Oh Mom!” She arched her back. She was shaking so uncontrollably I thought she’d throw herself off the bed. She peed involuntarily. Not a lot, but a couple of ounces. With my finger still in her ass, I could feel contraction after contraction.

Five minutes of silence followed while I let her bask in the afterglow and compose herself. When she finally spoke, it was, “Oh my god! So that was an orgasm!”

I couldn’t resist. Right there in front of my daughter, as she watched intently, I frigged myself to a big double-orgasm, something that’s rare for me.

That evening, I told my husband about the whole thing on the phone. I was worried about his response. He said, “Holy mackerel, I so want to jerk off right now. I sure wish you were here.”

I’m sure this will not be the last time this mother and daughter masturbate together. In fact, I’m running a fantasy in my mind of setting up a family masturbation evening, with Cheri, her father, her brother and myself. I’m not sure how my son would react, but I’m guessing he’d love the idea. I know my husband would. Wouldn’t that be a fun evening?