Elite Website Support

WordPress website concierge supportIf you’re depending on the reliability of your website, or if you’ve ever had plugin, theme or core updates blow up, you may take comfort in my service.

As author of 500Ways.com, and having helped hundreds of website owners over the years, I know how intense this issue can be.

Offering elite WordPress maintenance and repair, I ensure that your website is always safe, secure, backed up, and running well to the greatest extent possible

The most common issue is core, theme, and plugin updates to prevent malware attacks.

There are tens of thousands of bots, bits of automated software, jumping from link to link throughout the internet, looking for websites into which they can inject malware.

Out-of-date WordPress themes and plugins are a prime target.

When vulnerabilities are discovered, the authors of these themes and plugins typically issue new versions.

These things should be updated as soon as possible, to close the security holes.

After making sure your website is properly backed up, I start by installing a well-regarded free plugin called WordFence that sends emails when suspicious activities occur, or when things need to be updated.

It typically takes me 15 minutes or less to set up WordFence.

Plugin updates happen on average perhaps 4-9 times a month, and they usually take three to five minutes to manage. I charge $1.50/minute, so your cost for this maintenance is normally under $40/month.

Every now and then, there are complications, such as a buggy version of an update, or a conflict between plugins. Should this happen, it does take longer. I would inform you before any lengthy/costly process is undertaken. These events are quite rare.

BTW, it is also possible to configure modern versions of WordPress to update these things automatically. The reason that’s not recommended is that if there is a bug or a conflict, you won’t know until an end user contacts you about the problem, which often doesn’t happen until days or even months later.

As of this writing, I’m doing these updates for 16 clients (19 websites) starting about two years ago, and it has been working well for everyone.

There are over 400,000 lines of code in the WordPress core itself, plus there are over 60,000 themes and plugins by a large variety of authors. No one can know everything, but I have been building and repairing websites since 1995, and probably know about as much as anyone can.

Perhaps you do your own website construction, editing, or maintenance. When you encounter something that could be confusing, frustrating, or waste a lot of your time, go ahead and phone me at (805) 843-5353, and I’ll be glad to help through phone and/or screen sharing. The average call runs 9 minutes ($13.50).

I can also help with all the little details that make a website great, from typographical errors to rapid page speeds. If your website goes down, I can fix that, too. Of course the most important part of what I do is to make sure your website won’t go down.

To get started with elite website support, all you need to do is contact me.

Call or write any time. You’ll enjoy my friendly, informative style. – Jeff Napier
(805) 843-5353