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WWII Bailout

Nicholas Alkemade’s airplane was totaled in an air raid over Nazi Germany and he had to bail out from more than 3 miles up, without a parachute. As he fell, his speed accelerated to 120 miles per hour. He landed in a snow-covered pine forest and was completely uninjured.

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Atom Bomb

Unexpected facts about atom bombs

Although most people know that many people were tragically killed by an atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan (141,000 people), most don’t know that 140,000 people were also killed in one day in Tokyo by conventional bombing. Throughout the war, 220,000 Japanese people were killed by the two atom bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and 600,000 were killed by ordinary bombs.

Before The US dropped the atom bombs on Japan, the allies had already destroyed over two million buildings.

Japan actually surrendered a couple of days before the first bomb was dropped, but because they had faked surrenders before, American politicians did not believe this surrender was real.

When scientists were preparing to test the first atom bomb, they calculated there was a three percent chance they’d set the atmosphere on fire, and kill everyone and everything on earth. They went ahead and ran the test.

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US Cavalry and Camels

If it had not been for the Civil War, the United States Cavalry might have been riding camels. Shortly before the war, Secretary of War Jefferson Davis imported 81 camels for testing in Texas. There were some problems. Ordinary horses were terrified of the camels, and so were many of the soldiers. On the other hand, in some ways the camels were excellent. They could go for several days without water, they could carry a half-ton, and walk 40 miles a day. The military was generally impressed and were ready to start switching to camels in large numbers, but then the war developed and there was no time to deal with camel importation.

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A Pig Caused the War of 1812

You can be mad at your neighbor, or your neighbor’s pig in this case, but overall it is best to really think about possible repercussions, even remote, before taking any drastic action.

It is possible that a single pig caused the War of 1812. This pig was always getting into the neighbor’s yard and eating up prized shrubs and flowers. Finally the neighbor got mad and killed the pig with a pitchfork. The pig’s killer was a congressional candidate who lost the election by one vote. This was the vote cast against him by the late pig’s owner presumably because he was upset about the loss of his pig. When the matter of deciding about the war was voted upon, the issue passed by one vote. This was the vote of the candidate who had won the election by one vote.

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Women in World War II

Fifteen million Americans joined the armed forces during WWII. One out of every 50 people in the military were women (300,000). Since so many men were participating in the war, many women who stayed home did jobs that had previously been considered men’s work. It was not uncommon to find female welders, garbage collectors, truck drivers, and general laborers during the early 1940s.