The Criticism to Praise Ratio

Family criticism

It has been studied and documented that we hear thirty-two items of criticism for each item of praise! It starts when we are babies, ” Ooooh, your diapers stink!” or ” Can’t you keep out of trouble for even one minute?” Sure, we may not have known what the words meant, but even Continue reading “The Criticism to Praise Ratio”


Have you ever felt that we have this age thing backwards? Most people in modern society worship youth, but youth is only good because of its room for potential development. Age equals wisdom, an irreplaceable commodity that you can’t just buy at Wal-Mart. If nothing else, whether you are young or old, listen to what old people have to say. They have been around and know the best ways to tackle problems that young people could otherwise only guess at.

Love and Attention

Researchers at Ohio University accidentally proved that love and attention is good preventive medicine. They were doing experiments with rabbits to test effects of cholesterol blocked arteries. All the groups of rabbits got sick as expected except one group. Everything was the same for this group except one thing: Each rabbit in this group was being held and stroked by the student in charge of feeding them. Later experiments specifically involving loving some rabbits and ignoring others proved that the effect is real.

Albino rabbit, also known as ‘laboratory rabbit’