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Adam McKinley for Website Construction, Repair and SEO

We will solve your website problems, whether you need a new website for a low cost, custom programming, repairing a broken or hacked website, or bringing you more visitors.

True Social Marketing starts with me, Adam McKinley. I have put together a vetted group of experts that have been building, repairing and publicizing websites since as early as 1995.

We offer everything from momentary phone advice to complete web construction including custom programming, SEO and social media marketing. The cost can be surprisingly low, often less than overseas outsourcing, but with higher quality and better communication.

The low cost is about experience. We’ve done what you want many times before. We charge more than the high school kid down the street, but get it done more quickly, get it right the first time and it ends up costing you less. Sometimes way less! For instance if all you need is a simple one-page website, it can be built for $100.

On the other end of the spectrum, we can solve your most complex web programming issues. We are often asked to repair hacked and broken WordPress and other websites. Sometimes it takes only minutes. Our smallest invoice was $4.

No doubt you’ve heard the horror stories of web developers who overcharge, do what they want to do, instead of what you want, take forever, and sometimes can’t even complete the job. Then there are the webmasters who won’t even give you the passwords to your own website. If anyone in the group was like that, I’d throw them out. In fact, one member was expelled because he didn’t treat a client quite right. Everyone is friendly and communicative, yet highly professional.

Perhaps your website doesn’t get enough visitors. That can be fixed, too, sometimes spectacularly. Our most successful client went from three visitors per month to over 14,000 per day. In a more typical case, a website gained 375,000 unique visitors in four months. There are SEO companies out there that want to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and the limited things they don’t even work most of the time!

We have an SEO specialist and social media marketer with a good track record that can make a world of difference to your business. He will charge you less than most marketers, and is happy to show you all the tricks if you’d like to do it yourself.

Some of our clients like learning to manage their own websites, so they don’t need to hire someone for every little change, and because it can be a creative, enjoyable process. I, and some members of the group are happy to offer training by phone and screen sharing.

Call, text or write me, Adam McKinley, or 916-680-6670. You’ll enjoy my friendly, informative style.

What People Say:

“I was referred to True Social Marketing after I had spent a lot of money with another company who made promises they did not keep. TSM has created a very professional website for my company of which I am proud for my customers to visit. In fact, I will encourage them to visit our new website because it reflects our company’s legitimacy and clearly provides information showing our customers exactly what we specialize in.”
– Kyle Glazener

“Trustable, Great service, very helpful for our business. Highly recommend.”
– Lisa

“Adam McKinley is an incredibly helpful web-talented person. These last years as I escalated my presence on the internet, I have been quite unlucky to have engaged a small army of shady characters whose specialty is absconding with my dwindling finances. But Adam has completely turned things around. What a truly positive direction! You’re something else, Adam. Thank you many times over.”
– Kevin Woods
“I hired True Social Marketing to handle our Social Media Marketing and Website Design. When it comes to website work, they are efficient, creative, and fast. We had no social media presence before hiring True Social Marketing and I was skeptical about its value, but after seeing my website traffic and sales increase almost 30% in the first 6 months I am a believer. Adam is our account manager, he is professional, knowledgeable and thinks outside the box, which I feel has given our company a leg up on the competition. I highly recommend for social media or website work. ”
– William

“TSM stands out because they deliver substance and expertise in a marketplace that is crowded with fluff, hype and pseudo-experts. I know my business but I knew I needed an expert to work with me to create an excellent online presence that drives customer engagement. Having performed mildly effective “random acts of marketing” in the past with “help” from buzzword-y pseudo experts, I was honestly a little hesitant to try again. Adam, was referred to me and from our first conversation I realized I was working with an expert who was going to use his skills to work with me and help our business, and not use his expertise to baffle me with BS and sell me something I did not need.”
-Dean Franck

“I have to say that I have had a wonderful experience with True Social Marketing. Adam has walked me through the whole process of bringing my website current and has done a fantastic job of dealing with someone who is completely lost when it comes to websites and marketing. The website portion of this project is over and now I am looking forward to the marketing part, if you are looking for a stand-up honest guy do yourself a favor and let Adam get you up and running.”
-Chris Riggs

“I reached out to True Social Marketing to help give my company the boost it needed to reach a new customer base, and increase sales. The owner, Adam, was very helpful walking me through the whole process from start to finish. The ad campaigns he put together for my company brought us a fresh new market of buyers and increased my sales tremendously. This was my first time working with a marketing company and it was a great experience and I cannot wait to see what True Social Marketing can do for my company in the future! Thank you Adam!”
-Salina Thompson

“Adam exceeded my expectations. He communicated well and went beyond with the project I needed completed. I’m very pleased with his work and will continue using his services in the future.”
-Sheila Jordan

“I hired True Social Marketing to manage our social media marketing on LinkedIn and Youtube. I had always wanted to expand our marketing but could never find the time to learn how and would never have time to manage it. Adam was so thorough from the beginning, he drew up a detailed marketing plan and his pricing was very reasonable, especially for the results we got. Within 2 weeks we saw a nice increase in our website visitors and sales. I will be a customer for as long as I am in business. Thanks Adam!”
-Heather Reynolds

“My company feels very fortunate to have found True Social Marketing. Adam and his team are true professionals – taking the time to explain work being performed. We are so happy with the SEO optimization work that just got completed. Looking forward to the next phase of building our Social Media platforms for marketing!”
-Mark H.

“Adam did an excellent job of setting up the Facebook and Click funnels infrastructure I needed to commence my marketing. I highly recommend.”
-Steve Green

“I’ve had a lot of compliments on the website. Thank you!”
– Constance

“I’m an ebook author with an income now that never would have happened without your help!”
– Amy Butler

“Thanks so much for explaining it in detail for me. That’s exactly what I wanted, and thanks for doing it so quickly.
– Sharon”

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