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26 Ways For Musicians To Make Real Money

26 ways for musicians to make real money

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26 Ways for Musicians to Make Real Money

Copyright 2013 – 2022, by Jeff Napier

Table of Contents

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Part I, The Businesses

1. Crush Art

2. Street Performing Surprise

3. Street Performing With a Visual Twist

4. Maximizing Ordinary Venues

5. Write Background Music For Video Games

6. Teach Music Out of Your Home

7. Teach Out of Other Homes

8. Teach At Schools and Music Stores

9. Teach At Community Education Centers

10. Run a Music Camp

11. Buy and Sell Rare Recordings Online

12. Buy and Sell Sheet Music

13. A Free Exchange

14. Buy and Sell Instruments

15. Consignment

16. Co-Op Selling

17. Your Own Music Store

18. Route Sales

19. Rent Audio Equipment

20. Rent Instruments

21. Coaching

22. Music Therapy

23. Player Rental

24. Retail Soundtracks

25. Musical Agent

26. Leveraging YouTube

27. Repairing and Making Instruments

28. Writing About Music

Part II, The Details

eBay For Musicians


The Sure-Fire Millionaire

Advertising and Publicity

Websites That Work

Craigslist for Musicians

More About A Free Exchange

Part III, The Final Bit

A Little Hypnotic Suggestion

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If you are a musician of any sort, you have interesting opportunities that non-musicians can only dream about. Oh, you may have considered some of the ideas presented in this online ebook, and assume you won’t make any real money, or that you don’t have enough skill or knowledge, or that it would take too long to become professional. What you didn’t know, until now, are the secrets of success. You may have seen street performers making a couple of dollars per hour, and figured that not only is that low pay, it is embarrassing. But what if you discover some noteworthy techniques, so even as a street performer, you can make more than forty dollars per hour? What if you discover that teaching music is meaningful, enjoyable and profitable? What if you can be well paid to collect recordings? This book will give you the missing information for a variety of musical pursuits from teaching to buying and selling musical equipment. This book will also present ideas you’ve never considered before, so you’ll find something that’s just right for you, can be started with little or no time, risk or money. Many of these can eventually take you away from the drudgery of an ordinary job, making more money than you have ever made before. Most of these can grow beyond limits, as long as you are observant and patient.
Have fun and prosper! – Jeff Napier, business coach

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