15 Ways To Make Money with NLP - 500 Ways

15 Ways To Make Money with NLP

15 Ways To Make Money with NLP

How To Make Money With NLP

15 Ways to Make Money with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Copyright 2014 – 2022, Jeff Napier

Table of Contents

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Creative Listening




Remote Support


Network Marketing Consultant

Sales Consultant

Write Books, Websites, Software

Astrologer / Psychic / Wizard


NLP Club



Advertising and Publicity

Websites That Work

Social Networking



The Sure-Fire Millionaire

Magical Ending

A Little Hypnotic Suggestion

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Table of Contents

If you’re not familiar with NLP, start here: What Is NLP?

NLP schools generally do a fine job of teaching everything from the basics to very advanced neuro-linguistic programming techniques, but they don’t quite give you what you need to make money with NLP, do they?

So there you are, having taken all the training, and perhaps you’re certified as a practitioner, but you’re not earning money, even though, if you’re like most of us, that was your plan.

The problem has been lack of information. If you knew what is in this online book, you would have found it easy to start in any number of ways to earn a living with NLP. Well, you’ll have the online book now!

This book will give you what you need to know, on levels from the conscious all the way down, in order to make real money with NLP. Have fun and prosper! – Jeff Napier, certified master NLP practitioner

Jeff Napier, your author

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