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Raccoon Fixing a Car - Video
Rachel Berry - Picture puzzle of Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on Glee.
Rachel Bilson (Star of Hart of Dixie) - Quiz
Rachel Maddow - Quiz
Radcliffe, Daniel - Quiz
Radio Super-Station - Article
Radioactive Teeth
Ranching - vs Farming <
Randy Orton - Quiz
Rafflesia Arnoldii - Worst Flower <
Raphael - Quiz
Rats - Hungry
Raw Eggs
Ray Rice - Quiz
Reading - Speed Reading Books
Rebecca Romijn - Quiz
Recreational Vehicle - Video
Redford, Redford - Quiz
Redheads and Pain
Reese Witherspoon - Quiz
Reggie Bush - Quiz
Reid, Tara - Quiz
Relationships - 16 techniques for better relationships
Relationships - Criticism to Praise Ratio
Relationships: Human-Animal Bonds - Video
Remini, Leah - Quiz
Repair - Tips and tricks of the repair trades
Repair, Automobile - Quiz
Representative, Wholesale - How to become a wholesale representative
Reptiles - People Who Want to Kill Reptiles
Reptile and Amphibian Facts
Reptile - Quiz
Resistance - Quote
Retail - How to start a retail store
Retail - Shoppers' Concern
Ricci, Christina - Quiz
Rice, Ray - Quiz
Richard Attenborough - Quiz
Richard Branson - Quiz
Richard Gere - Quiz
Rickles, Don - Puzzle
Ricky Skaggs - Video
Riley, Jeannie C. - Video
Ringwald, Molly - Quiz
Ripa, Kelly - Quiz
Rita Ora - Quiz
Rivera, Naya - Quiz
Riverdance - Video
Rivers, Joan - Quiz
Roasted Termites
Robb, AnnaSophia - Quiz
Robert De Niro - Quiz
Robert Mapplethorpe - Quiz
Robert Redford - Quiz
Roberts, Robin - Quiz
Robin Roberts - Quiz
Robin Roberts - Quote
Bill Robinson, Mr. Bojangles - Video
Robinson, Ken, Do Schools Kill Creativity? - Video
Robin Thicke - Quiz
Robin Williams - Facts and oddities
Robot Fails - Video
Robin Williams - Quiz
Rochester, New York - School Without Walls
Rock Music, Worst - Video
Rodriguez, Michelle - Quiz
Rods - Instant linear conversions: Anything from angstroms to light-years.
Roller Skating
Roller Skating / Rollerblading - How to skate backward
Roman Numerals - Instant conversions.
Roman Abramovich - Billionaire
Roman Dessert
Rome, Ancient - Silphium
Roman Empire - Grand Culinary Affair
Roman Vegetarianism
Romijn, Rebecca - Quiz
Ron Jeremy - Quiz
Ronda Rousey - Quiz
Ronda Rousey - Video
Ronstadt, Linda - Quiz
Roosevelt, Quote - Quote
Rosa Parks - Quiz
Rose, Amber - Quiz
Roundtable Rival, Lindsey Sterling - Video
Rousey, Ronda - Quiz
Rowland, Kelly - Quiz
Rowling, J.K. - Quiz
Royal Pains - TV Show Quiz
Rubber Snakes and Turtles
Rudolph, Maya - Quiz
Rules, School, Weird - Video
Rumi - Quiz
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) - Quiz
Runner, Inspiring - Video
Rush (The Band) - Quiz
Rush Limbaugh - Quiz
Russell Brand - Quiz
RV, Homemade - Video
RV, Mariah Carey's Trailer - Video
Ryan, Debby - Quiz
Ryan, Meg - Quiz

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