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Photo by Georges Biard CC BY-SA 3.0

As you may know, Korean-born Psy (Park Jae-sang) created ""Gangnam Style," the all-time most-viewed video on YouTube, with more than 2 billion hits. Psy is 457 months, or approximately 14,000 days old, or 38 years old, as of January, 2016.

Gangnam is a sectin of Seoul, South Korea, a huge city with a population over ten millin, where he grew up.

Seoul, South Korea

Photo by ☺Yoshi☻ from Seoul, South Korea (Gangnam) CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Psy grew up wealthy. His father is the CEO of an electronics manufacturing firm, or more specifically the firm manufacturs equipment to make semiconductors. His mother owns several restaurants. They sent him to Boston University in 1996, so he could learn business administration to take over his father's industrial leadership. After a short while, he disregarded their interests, and spent his time and money on music, eventually transferring to the Berklee College of Music, also in Boston. It is not known how his parents feel about his career decision, but they might be impressed by the fact that he is earning a reported $40 million US per year.

Psy's wife, since 2006, Yoo Hye-yeon, is a serious cellist. They have twin daughters.

In South Korea, young men are required to fulfill a mandatory military obligation. He was excused from the South Korean army because he was somehow involved in software that might serve the national interest. Evidently, being his father's son had its advantages. During that time, he was also recording and producing music, sometimes seen on national television. The government took a dim view on that, prosecuting him for 'neglecting' his work, according to a Wikipedia article. He was drafted into real military duty, working from 2007 to 2009 as a signalman.

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