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Odd Bicycles

Click the pictures for more info. Each picture is linked to the originating website, where you will often find more and bigger pictures, descriptions, and sometimes total surprises. You can learn a lot more about what is possible, by discovering what is. Click and enjoy! - Jeff

Forkless Cruiser

Sure enough, it has no fork. The website includes a video showing this bike in action.


Where you'll see some truly strange bikes.

Mountain Bike Bamboo Frame

Now available from the supplier.


Burning Man Art Bike

The Locust Bike

From Mobile Magazine, two pictures and short article.


Wooden Bicycle

Extensive article and several pictures.

Ice Bikes

An article with several pictures of various bikes made for riding on ice.


Cannondale Folding Bike

It's not the first strange bike from Cannondale, but it may well be the weirdest. Note the 9-speed internally geared hub, and side mounted rear wheel.


Note that the wheels have no hubs!


Strange Recumbents

Recumbents are always unusual, but some of the ones on this web page from www.recumbents.com are outright weird.

  The Original Plastic Bike

This bike was designed and evidently prototypes were built in 1971. The weight was an incredible 17 pounds (conversion). The frame was supposedly strong enough to support a 10g load on the seat. Many of the bearings were self-lubricating plastic friction. However, this bike never went into production, or only limited production. Perhaps it was not reliable, perhaps there were financial or political reasons. From the www.firstflightbikes.com website.

Wooden Frame Tandem

From C/Net news with 9 good pictures.

Ultimate Wheel

This is just a wheel with pedals, and yes, this is a real vehicle. Not only can people ride these, some can play music or juggle at the same time.

The WaveBike

Extensive article. Make sure to click the "Photo Gallery" link at the bottom.


Where you'll see some truly strange bikes.

Bicycles in Amsterdam

This website has several pictures of bicycles in Amsterdam. Most are rather ordinary - by Dutch standards. This is the strangest. There is no other information about this bike.

From a reader: The cargobike [is] rather common over here in the Netherlands. We call them bakfiets [bike with a cargo container]. At the following site you can find lots of pictures and even English explanations. http://www.bakfiets.nl/eng/  They are quite popular to transport kids to school.

Pedal-Powered Helicoptor

From Modern Mechanix, 1950

A very tall bike, complete article with three pictures, and a link to other bizarre bicycles by the same builder, from
Recumbent News

Another Article on the same bike

The Conference Bike

You've gotta see it to believe it. The website has quite a bit of information including two short movies about this multi-rider bike.

Back-to-Back Tandem

From an interesting laughter-yoga website. Several paragraphs of text about this bike. If you click the pictures, you will see bigger versions.



Not much information on this bike, but this site - www.futurebike.ch - has lots of links to pictures of other unusual bicycles.



Also from www.futurebike.ch,  this is a very enclosed bike. Again, not much text, but links to many other interesting pictures.

A collection of strange bikes

16 Strange & Amazing Bicycle Concepts

The Couch Bike

The Circle Bike

Shopping Cart Bike

Guitar Bike

Roller Bike

Wicker Bike

Craziest Bikes

I wonder how you steer it.

Sort of a monocycle at the
Louisiana Bike Festival

Top Ten Bizarre
Do-It-Yourself Bicycles

Some interesting bikes at Guidepost

The Beer Bike


A New Kind of Bicycle


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