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Odd Animals

Click the pictures for more info. Each picture is linked to the originating website, where you will often find more and bigger pictures, descriptions, and sometimes total surprises. You can learn a lot more about what is possible, by discovering what is. Click and enjoy! - Jeff

Transparent Frog

Whorl-Tooth Shark

What Is It?

Rare Frilled Shark

Huge Toad


Bat with Very Long Tongue

Bucking A Trend

Tortoise with Wheels

Smallest Horse

World's Ugliest Dog

Not a Snake


Horses cannot focus their eyes in the way humans do. They have to change the angle of their heads if they want to see close objects clearly. That's why they bob their heads up and down as you come near. They want to see you clearly.

One species of shark is so competitive that the babies fight each other within their mother, until only one is left to be born.

Aren't you glad you are not a koala? Koalas have a diet that consists of only one thing, eucalyptus leaves. Interestingly, their appendix is up to 8 feet long.

Weirdest Looking Cat

Two kitties sleeping in the author's lap

The average life of an indoor cat is 17 years. The average life of a cat that lives outdoors is 2 years.

The hagfish has terrible table manners. It starts its meal by biting into the gill of another fish. Then it eats its way into the fish's throat. Finally, it crawls totally inside the victim and kills and eats the fish from the inside out. These hagfish have four hearts and they all beat with independent rhythms.

A mouse can have eight babies. Assuming four of them are female, and knowing that a mouse can give birth 60 days after being born itself, after 18 months, a pair of mice can become 4.5 million mice.

The flounder, sometimes called a fluke or flatfish, is a weird, flat fish, with both eyes on one side of its head. It gets weirder: When they are born, they have one eye on each side of their head like a normal fish. As they mature, one eye migrates to the other side.

The stomach of a hippopotamus is ten feet long.

When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

The skin of a hippopotamus is an one-and-a-half inches thick and nearly bulletproof. That's about eight times thicker than a horse's skin.

In one large city a telephone operator traced the source of an emergency phone call because the caller would not speak. The phone only emitted unusual noises. When the ambulance crew arrived at the scene, they found a basset hound who had dialed 911 in the process of chewing up the phone.

Some dinosaurs had two brains! Since nerve signals move from one part of the body to another relatively slowly - it takes 1/50 of second to notice a pain in your foot - and since these beasts were so large, a second brain was at the base of the tail to maintain control of the creature's backs. Interestingly, the rear brain was bigger than the one in their heads.

Do cats pretend they are people? Consider Anya. She is a Siamese kitty who is full-grown, and just less than a year old. When her owner steps out of the shower and turns off the water, she steps into the wet bathtub, shakes her feet a little bit, and then just sits there facing the showerhead for about five minutes. What is she thinking? When Anya's owners ask her to "do a summersault," she usually complies. She will tip her head down to the rug, and then roll over. She seems to like to please her owner. One day her owner was fooling around with 360 degree pirouettes, like dancers do. Anya saw that, and then turned around exactly 360 degrees two separate times within a few minutes.

Silly Haircut

A Starfish has a gross and unusual manner of eating. She regurgitates her stomach through her mouth onto her food, and absorbs it directly. Then she sucks her stomach back in.

This cat-like critter was spotted in South Carolina, USA. What is it?

The Aye-Aye


How do we know what animals think or feel? I say be kind to animals just in case it matters to them. The poet William Blake said, "How do you know but that every bird that cleaves the aerial way is not an immense world of delight closed to your senses five?"

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