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The world's most outrageous musical instrument was made in France during 1450. A long row of spikes was connected to a keyboard. Under each spike was a pig, arranged according to the pitch of its oink. Bibliography -94 (page 58) (i)

Violins have been made from wood, steel and pottery. Bibliography -22

At one time, there were more pianos and organs in the US than bathtubs. Thomas Edison changed all that with the invention of machinery to record and play back music. Bibliography -24

In the 1940's, all the young girls crowded the stage and fainted over a popular singer, just like they did in later eras over Elvis Presley, The Beetles, and now modern singers. Who was it then? Frank Sinatra.

When Beethoven was ready to write music, he would start by pouring ice cold water over his head to excite his brain. Bibliography -69

Here's an easy one, see if you can remember: What are the names of the four musicians who were the Beatles? I'll tell you shortly.

The Beatles have sold over one billion recordings. If you stacked up all these records, tapes, and CDs, the pile would be almost 2,000 miles tall. Bibliography -12

Michael Jackson owned most of the Beatles copyrights.

Answer: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr.

MTV (Music Television) was born August 1, 1981, so it is over 32 years old and now reaches over two billion viewers worldwide. It is even available in Russia. There, viewers receive it over the air waves, they don't need to subscribe to cable. But, it is only on Friday nights for two hours.

Chopin, the composer, wore a beard on only the left half of his face. He claimed that when he performed at the piano, the other side of his face didn't matter since the audience saw only one side. Bibliography -94 (page 256)

At the age of two, Mozart could hear sounds and tell what pitch they were. There is a story that he heard a pig oink and yelled "G-sharp!" Someone duplicated the pitch on a piano, and discovered that it was indeed G-sharp. Bibliography -60

Mozart started playing the piano at age three but not formally until age four. It was his choice. He started interfering with his sister's lessons so he could learn more. By age four he could learn a minuet within 30 minutes!

Mozart's full name was Johan Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart. Amadeus was just what people called him. His father called him Woferl.

History of the piano - Its immediate predecessor was called a clavichord. The volume of a clavichord, like a harpsichord, cannot be controlled, the loudness of each note is the same. However, the pitch of the notes of a clavichord change depending on whether the player presses the keys hard or light. Hit a key hard and the pitch goes up! The forte-piano was a considerable improvement, because the volume was adjustable depending on how hard the player hits the keys. Later the name evolved to pianoforte, which in Italian means "soft-loud," and finally piano.

One of Mozart's tricks, which he performed from the age of six, was to cover a keyboard with cloth so that the keys couldn't be seen, and then play music perfectly anyway.

Until the late 18th century, symphony conductors would play the violin or clavier (piano) while simultaneously leading the orchestra.

Until the late 18th century, orchestra musicians always played at the same volume - there was no piano, forte, crescendo, etc.

If you could fasten all the guitar strings in the world together, end to end, they would circle the globe 39 times.

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