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This image can be used to discuss evolution, epigenetics, common descent, creationism, and many such related and unrelated concepts. I think you'll agree that no matter how many generations of chickens you paint with food coloring, they won't start being born in different colors. Well, maybe they will. If after enought generations, it turns that colorful chickens are more successful than ordinary ones, something might change. But, that's a long way off, isn't it? Anyway, from this picture, you can draw your own conclusions. This image is an interactive puzzle. You can click the image to enjoy reassembling it as a picture puzzle. Have fun It is easy to embed this puzzle in your own blog or web pages. Here's How.

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Hang on a sec, setting up puzzle. . .

How scoring works: The puzzle starts with 36,000 points. A point is deducted every tenth of a second, so you have an hour to finish the puzzle. Your score is the number of points remaining.

Free counters provided by Vendio.

Free counters provided by Vendio.