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Embedding 500Ways Apps In Your Own Blog or Web Pages

You can embed many of the 500Ways apps in your own blog and web pages. Your visitors will probably enjoy the extra functionality and may tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and so on. My hope is that these apps will help your visitor count go viral!

These apps will run in all current browsers on all operating systems, and on most tablets and smart phones.

The embeddable 500Ways apps are entirely free. The only things I ask are:

1. Leave the source code on 500ways.com and link to it, rather than a copy stored elsewhere. That way, you'll always be offering the latest, greatest version.

2. You may copy and paste bits of the source code to work things out in your own products, but do not use the general idea or substantial portions.

3. Leave the link to 500Ways.com intact.

4. By embedding this software, you agree to not implicate 500Ways.com in any content or activity not of a legal and appropriate nature.

5. Understand that this is copyrighted material, not to be used in any way other than my stated intentions. Thanks!

Just copy and paste the purple line found below many of the 500Ways apps. Because each app has a small link to my main page, this helps me too, so I'd be honored for you to use as many apps on as many pages as you'd like. If you have any difficulty embedding an app, drop me an email and I'll see if I can help you make it work.

Customization on any level is available at reasonable cost. For instance a version with the exact colors that you like is typically $30. I can also add or remove fields or internal data, change the size and configuration, or make something specially for your website from scratch.

I value your input. Please feel free to write me at jeff@jeffnapier.com whenever you have any thoughts, corrections, questions, and so on. Those of you who are experts can monitor my work, and let me know whenever you spot any inaccuracies. Thanks, - Jeff Napier, programmer, 500Ways.com

Email: jeff@jeffnapier.com

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How accurate, relevant and well-written is this website? If you find any inaccuracies, typos, or have suggestions, I'd really appreciate hearing about it. Drop me a line at jeff@jeffnapier.com" Thanks! - Jeff




































































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