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Atlas Shrugged Quiz

Find out how much you already know, learn more, and compare your score to others in this fun ten-question quiz. If you saw the movie, you learned and enjoyed about 1/10 of what's in this classic philosophical novel by Ayn Rand. You can google "atlas shrugged pdf" to find a copy of the book to read online. Whether or not you've read the book, you'll probably enjoy this quiz. You can take the quiz as often as you like, since the questions vary each time. By the way, the book advertised on the right side of this page is about a bike shop run by a guy who was very much into the philosophy taught by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged and her other books. You can insert this quiz in your own blog or web pages. It's super-easy. Here's how.



How scoring works: Each correct answer is awarded points based on the number of seconds remaining. Each question starts with seconds. So, if you answer a question in 20 seconds, you'll get points.

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