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American Gothic was painted in 1930 in the US state of Iowa. It is one of the most parodied works of art in the world. This picture bothered some residents of Iowa because they thought it depicted them as 'pinch-faced bible thumpers.' The artist, Grant Wood, says that his intention was to paint his general vision, not a reality specifying Iowans. The couple pictured are not married. For models the artist used his sister and his dentist. You can embed this puzzle in your own blog or web pages. It's super-easy. Here's how.

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Hang on a sec, setting up puzzle. . .

How scoring works: The puzzle starts with 36,000 points. A point is deducted every tenth of a second, so you have an hour to finish the puzzle. Your score is the number of points remaining.

Free counters provided by Vendio.

Free counters provided by Vendio.