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This unusual map of Alaska is a picture puzzle. You can click the image to start the puzzle. Then enjoy reassembling it, while memorization of the map happens automatically. On this map, you'll see Juneau which is the state capital, and Anchorage, the largest city. Both are along the southern edge of the state. Also notice the proximity to Russia. The Bering Strait separates the two countries by only 51 mils (82 kilometers). As of 2013, approximately 735,000 people live throughout the entire state, the largest state in the US. That's less than the number living in San Francisco, so the population of San Francisco is nearly 2,800 times more dense than Alaska. In fact, there are only 1.26 people per square mile in Alaska. You might be surprised to know that nearly three percent of Alaskans speak Spanish as their primary language. The highest temperature ever recorded in Alaska was 100 degrees Farenheigt (38 C), and the lowest was -80 Fahrenheit (-62 C). You can embed this puzzle in your own blog or web pages. It's super-easy. Here's how.

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Hang on a sec, setting up puzzle. . .

How scoring works: The puzzle starts with 36,000 points. A point is deducted every tenth of a second, so you have an hour to finish the puzzle. Your score is the number of points remaining.

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