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Speed Books

Complete online ebooks with an added twist.

Instant Comedy Generator

Reversing the
Criticism to Praise Ratio

(Find Out What Happens)

A deceptively simple creativity engine and problem solver. Find just the right phrase for any occasion, improve your writing, work out solutions to all kinds of problems.

The Power Questions

5 Ways to Instantly Improve
Your Typing Speed


Come up with customized pet, baby, product or character names, or make up new words.

Create a New
Swear Word

Are You Colorblind?

Vision Exercises

Controversial exercises to improve your eyesight without glasses, contacts or lasik.

The Subliminal Suggester

How To Get What You Want

Weirdly Famous

An unusual collection of inspiring mini-biographies

Bike Fact Book

More about Bicycles Than You Can Imagine!

Ben Franklin Speedbook

Stupid Ideas

Picture Puzzles

US Presidents

Fun Quizzes

See how much you know, learn more, compare your score to others, with these enjoyable little quizzes

Odd Images
To Fuel Your Creativity

Face Recognition Tile Game
(For instance, who is this?)

All About Unicycles
(A Complete eBook)

The Intelligence Builder

Ways To Live Beyond 100

The Inspirator

A fun little creativity engine.

Can't Sleep
A simple program for when you want to relax

Not Quite Right
Bad advice!

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